Sky Blue for Consulting

Increasing Billable Time

How booked, busy, and billable are you? Let’s do the math.

If you’re like most technology solution providers, your utilization is probably somewhere between 50-60%. But why settle for average when you can make a few small adjustments that could push you above 80%?  Any number of activities could be hurting your utilization. We’ll outline the most common, as well as how you can easily address them head-on.

Help your team start to boost their billable time by putting these 3 best practices into practice.

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Frustrated with cold calls

Eliminate the Cold Call

Automate custom product demos to jump close rates and shorten the sales cycle with the ability to create impactful personalized sales experiences. Sky Blue allows you to include a video of your top sales person giving the pitch and include supporting materials, case studies, etc.  Now prospects can view the pitch on their own time and request follow up through action items.

Reduce un-necessary Travel

Reduce travel, by not having as many cold demos – Convert leads that are educated, qualified, and ready to talk specifics.

Pre-Qualify Your Next Software Demo

Automate the sales process, focusing your people on real leads. Reduce the number of hours your people spend on a lead. Revolutionize, strengthen, and modernize your marketing without more people or cost.

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Training and Onboarding


Turn new users into power users – take user onboarding into your own hands. Build measurable onboarding experiences without bugging your dev team.


Tired of getting so many questions?

Create a Sky Blue Experience to train every user, employee and customer.

They are perfect to give product tours to prospective customers, train new and old users and fix customer problems.

The best part: with Sky Blue experiences customers help themselves so you can focus on what is important. Save yourself hours in support calls and emails, just send a simple link to your customer. Your customer clicks the link. The experience solves their problem. Win. Win for everyone.

User Adoption

New users often have different motivations for using your product. Get them to their first WOW experience faster by giving each persona a unique experience.

Drive software user adoption with Sky Blue, organizations can easily engage the entire workforce all from within the application to drive productivity.

Think about your last implementation, once everything was successfully set up, how did the training process work? Was your customer able to do the items that were shown to them in the initial demo? Or were they frustrated …. Well, let’s see if we can assist with that.

Sky Blue allows anyone to create and improve software user adoption. Develop an experience for customers based on what works well for them. We realize software user adoption is very different across many organizations. Some organizations want a class room training, or recorded ELearning, others want recorded simulations. While you want to measure their comprehension with surveys/quizzes. Then there are the ones that want to test drive and just do it for themselves with some step-by-step guidance in a sandbox or playground (not in the live software environment). Well, in Sky Blue you could develop any one of the following from live software to recorded demos. This will ensure your customer is off and running out of the gate!