“At the end of the day, I just want to ensure my software solution is being sold in the right way by the partners I am working with.”  

When you sell software across a partner channel it can be challenging.  In many cases you have a software solution and many different add-on solutions to sell.  It is difficult to be the expert on everything.  So, you pull in subject matter experts from each of these companies to provide demos and assist on sales calls with prospects and existing customers to close the deal.  Have you thought about the amount of time you spend coordinating these demos and sales calls?  Are you using the latest marketing materials?  How many demos are your prospects and existing customers sitting through to get the information they need to make an informed decision to buy?

With Sky Blue you have the ability to create a library of online experiences made up of videos of your top sales person giving the pitch, supporting marketing materials, live software and so much more!  Package up your best sales pitch and provide to your prospects and existing customers to view on their own time.  Every Sky Blue subscription is personalized with your own company logo and contact information. When email invitations get sent out to an online experience it comes from you.  Plus, you have a dashboard on the back end so you are able to view the all up engagement analytics, which helps you determine when and how to follow-up in order to close the deal.

So, let’s say I am a partner selling a software solution with five different add-ons.   In the past, I have had to coordinate with these companies to get their latest sales and marketing materials plus schedule time with their best demo resources to help sell to prospects and existing customers.  Not anymore!  Now, I can add these companies to my “community” in Sky Blue.  This essentially links our Sky Blue accounts so we have the ability to collaborate and share online sales, demo and onboarding experiences.  Each company who provides an add-on software solution maintains their own experience in Sky Blue.  The experience includes videos, marketing materials and the messaging I need to feature the value proposition of their software solution.  However, when I share the experience with my prospects and existing customers it is shared using my branding, logo and contact information however the content is managed by each partner in my community (AKA subject matter expert).  I know I am always using the latest and greatest marketing materials.  Updates made by the owners of the experience are shared in real-time with no extra steps involved.  So, no more worrying about using outdated sales and marketing materials being pulled off of a SharePoint site and saved locally to laptops.  Plus, the owners of the experiences can use the analytics in the Sky Blue dashboard to better understand who is sharing out experiences and monitor all up usage analytics.

Ready to collaborate with your software partners in a whole new way?  Visit www.onskyblue.com to sign up for your free 14 day trial today.  Subscriptions start at $249/user/month.  Send an email to [email protected] with questions.

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