Rethink Your B2B Inside Sales & Customer Engagement Strategy

In the past year, we have seen an increase in the number of B2B companies who are shifting resources and creating inside sales teams.  The primary reason is B2B sellers are feeling the pressure to cut costs and they are looking for more efficient ways to sell.  Typically, these teams are made up of sales team members who are somewhat new to the organization and do not always have the same level of expertise as a senior sales rep who has been with the company for many years.

How Often Do You Answer a Sales Call?

In most organizations, marketing is generating new leads through email and social media campaigns.  A list of leads is handed over to this inside sales team to be nurtured and further qualified.  Call scripts and supporting marketing materials are provided to help support the inside sales team conduct phone calls and support follow-up emails.  Regular reviews are conducted with these team members to monitor the number of calls made each day and the number of leads converted into sales.

This “typical” inside sales model worked great when B2B buyers actually picked up the phone.  (Be honest, how often do you pick up the phone yourself and answer a sales call?)  The reality is the way people are buying is changing and this is another reason B2B companies are investing more in inside sales teams.  Today, buyers prefer to educate themselves about your product (typically conducted through internet searches) and then initiate next steps.  In most cases, they engage sales only to get the missing information required to make a purchase decision.  This information is normally shared with buyers through conference calls and follow-up emails vs. meeting face-to-face.  As a result, inside sales team members spend several hours a day customizing emails and packaging up content/resources to nurture leads.  (When you have 10 inside sales reps all sending out different email communications and content…well, it is next to impossible to track and monitor all up engagement across the team.)

Expand the Power of Marketing & Insights to Inside Sales

Leveraging a platform such as Sky Blue B2B companies have the ability to create a library of experiences for the Inside Sales team to leverage as a sales resource.  (Note:  Sky Blue does not replace your current lead generation or CRM solution.  It becomes an extension of these existing processes with a focus on nurturing leads.)  Experiences can be made up of videos, supporting marketing materials, live software, pre-qualification surveys and so much more…to share with prospects and existing customers.  Leveraging these experiences, your entire inside sales team can provide personalized content for a specific product, role or industry in just a few clicks.  They simply select an experience from the inside sales library, where the email communication and marketing resources are already packaged up and share with leads using their own email address.  B2B buyers appreciate viewing personalized and engaging experiences on their own time without searching for content or being forced into multiple meetings/conference calls.  Plus, action items within the experience help buyers initiate next steps.  Sales reps are able to easily monitor real-time engagement leveraging the Sky Blue dashboard to determine when and how to follow-up.  Analytics are available to management which helps monitor all up engagement across the entire team. Set your inside sales team up for success.  Visit to sign up for your free 14-day trial today.  Subscriptions start at $249/user/month.  Send us an email at [email protected] with questions.

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