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Create Better Content for Your Audience
When producing engaging content, your number one goal should be to add value for your audience. That value might be sharing tactics to accomplish their goals, or lessons on how to make the best use of your product. Or it could be introducing them to solutions that will make their lives easier. No matter what your topic is, your content should be driven by your audience.

Listening to your audience is a first step to unlocking the power of your content, but it’s one that goes tremendously overlooked. Here’s how you can lay the foundation of a strong and sustainable content strategy by using Sky Blue Engagement Analytics to better understand what your audience is viewing and how they are consuming your content.

Here’s how:

  1. Identify 2-3 recurring questions asked around a specific topic via social media monitoring.
  2. Ask your audience their thoughts on the question.
  3. Develop a Sky Blue experience focused on that subject and answer their questions, along with two title options.
  4. Ask influencers to contribute insights or quotes in the experience.
  5. Ask your audience which title resonates with them the most.
  6. Share your Sky Blue experience, and let those who contributed know.
  7. Distribute your Sky Blue experience through a personalized email invitation to members of your social networks, groups, and forums identified via social media monitoring.
  8. Measure results based on Sky Blue engagement analytics.
  • What topics/content did they view?
  • Which videos did they watch? How long?
  • How long did they spend in the live software solution walking through the guided instructions you provided?
  • Did they provide valuable feedback through the survey questions you included?

If successful, build the next level Sky Blue experience based on the engagement and direct feedback you received from your audience. Use your imagination!

By taking these steps, you’re creating quality content that’s built custom for your audience and delivering it to them where they’ll find it (and find it valuable). Keep in mind, in order to be heard over the noise that is the internet, you sometimes have to hand deliver your content. Have questions on how you can unlock the power of your content with Sky Blue? Email the Sky Blue Team ([email protected]) or visit www.onskyblue.com to start your free 14-day trial today.

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