This Holiday Season, Don’t Forget to Thank Your Consultants

Year end is here.

The sales team is on the phone working day and night to meet year-end sales goals.

As a consultant you are being pulled in to provide project cost estimates for new software implementations while you are sitting in the airport waiting to board your flight home.  You just spent the last two weeks onsite with a client trying to wrap-up a project before everybody takes off for the holidays.  You are supporting two additional software implementation projects in parallel by providing support by phone and email.  Meanwhile, you are texting your spouse trying to figure out holiday plans and last minute holiday gift ideas that will bring the children to tears.  Sound familiar?

Our team at Sky Blue Technology, gets the opportunity to collaborate with marketing, sales and consulting team members from small and medium size businesses to fortune 500 firms worldwide.  What we have learned is organizations spend a lot of money on tools to support marketing and sales teams.  However, when it comes to consulting most organizations invest very little in technology which helps them automate, scale and be more successful.  Why is this?  At the end of the day it is the consultant’s responsibility to ensure clients business needs and objectives are understood and that the technology deployed matches them.

Consultants are kind of a big deal!

So, this holiday season don’t forget to take the time to thank your consultants.


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